Package content:

_ Qalamkar tablecloth: Qalamkar is and Iranian old art which means textile printing. In this art the craft master prints different pictures on hand woven fabrics. The whole process of this art is done by hand. and all of the materials which are used in this art are natural.

Weight: 200 grs

Size: 80*80 (cm)


_ pottery plate: this kind of pottery is known as vitreous enamel(Minakari) on pottery. After the production of pottery plate, it has been painted to be more attractive. All the processes of this product is by hand. and it has both decorative and practical application.

Weight: 308 grs

Size: 19*3.5 (cm)


About package:

This package has been designed with different kinds of Persian handicrafts to show the culture of Iranians and the importance of art and decoration in Persian culture. Another purpose of designing this package is to give beautiful gift and artwork to people who are important for us. These packages are also appropriate for organizational gifts and ceremonies gifts.



Packaging type: cardboard pack by textured paper

Package weight: 1656 grs

Package size: 40.5*28*10 (cm)


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