Package content:

_ a set of pottery bowls: this set has six pottery bowls with the same size. These bowls are used for small edibles such as candy, nuts, small sweets and other edibles. Using this set as decorative item can make tables or the showcases more attractive.

Weight: 612 grs

Size: 4*8 (cm)


_ pottery candy bowl: this kind of art is known as vitreous enamel(Minakari) on pottery. In this art, after the production steps done, the craft master paints on the product to be more attractive. Although the name of this product is candy bowl but according to the favorite of the consumer it can have other applications. It can also be a good decorative item for showcases, tables, desks and other places.

Weight: 485 grs

Size: 17.5*13 (cm)


_ a pack of Baghlava: Baghlava is a traditional sweet which is the souvenir of Yazd city. Yazd is one of the oldest and central cities which is placed in desert part of Iran.


_  Qalamkar tablecloth: Qalamkar is a popular art in Persian culture. The other name of Qalamkar is textile printing. It is a kind of printing on fabrics which are wove by hand. The printing process is buy hand and all of the colors are natural. This artwork is mostly decorative and is used for tables or covering other surfaces.

Weight: 182 grs

Size: 80*80 (cm)


About package:

This package has been designed with different kinds of Persian handicrafts to show the culture of Iranians and the importance of art and decoration in Persian culture. Another purpose of designing this package is to give beautiful gift and artwork to people who are important for us. These packages are also appropriate for organizational gifts and ceremonies gifts.


Packaging type: suitcase

Weight: 2819 grs                                                                 size: 41*30.5*11.5 (cm)


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