Package content:

A wooden decoupage box

6 pack of medicinal herbs


Iran’s traditional medicine is a dynamic and perfect school of medicine which views the world as an ideal system and a creature of a knowledgeable and sophisticated creator, while the physician is also viewed as the knowledgeable, due to his command over various sciences and his correct understanding of the world.

Based on historic evidences, the Iranian school of traditional medicine was practiced over 3,000 years ago. Medicinal herbs have a major role to play in this method of treatment with practitioners normally prescribing some of them based on their knowledge of the medical properties of the plant.

Having an exclusively beautiful design and packaging, the Tabib (practitioner) includes eight medicinal herbs with each having special properties for preventing and treating diseases. Also included is a set of mortar and pestle for grinding the herbs. The package in presented in two forms, a wooden box decorated with traditional motifs and a special cardboard box.

The package also includes an instruction for each of the herbs and how to use them.


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