package content:

A couple of painted pottery cups and saucers

6 fabric bags of herbals such as crown vetch, borage, mint

tea, hibiscus, ginger and valerian


Herbal teas were among the favorites of the Iranians in their long night meetings. People in various regions served the hot drinks based on the climate and the special plants grown in that geographical place. Jushandeh (tisane) has high medical effects. These beverages are formulated through brewing the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, fruit skin or other soluble parts of the herbs.

Various herbal teas taste differently based on the plant they contain. They have high anti-depressant properties and can address core issues of mental and physical health.

Mohanna (digestible, pleasant) is a package of six savory and sweet herbal teas accompanied by two sets of cups and saucers with beautiful Iranian motifs printed on them. The tisanes included in the package are crownvetch, borage, mint tea, hibiscus, ginger and valerian with instructions on how to use and prepare each of them.


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