Package content:

An inlayed pencil case

A traditional pen which is made in “Dezfool”

“Qat Zan” (a pad for nib-finishing when the calligrapher sharpens the pen)

A round burning lamp

A bottle of ink


Calligraphy is one of the finest Iranian arts which became very popular among the Iranians after the introduction of Islam in the seventh century. Rooted in hundreds of years of the Iranian-Islamic tradition, the Persian calligraphy has an amazing balance between all its elements. While writing a simple text, the Persian calligraphers try to present the maximum aesthetic properties of their artwork.

Tarassol (writing) is a package consisting of the tools used to create this magnificent visual art, which includes pens in several sizes, Khatam (marquetry) penholders and Liqeh (silk yarns meant for controlling ink), Liqeh holder, ink and Qat Zan (pen sharpener stand).

Pens used in the Persian calligraphy are called Ghalam Ney, a special type of reed/cane or bamboo, depending on the desired size of the writing with smaller fonts written by the reed or cane, with the high-quality type known as Dezfuli, and the large fonts with bamboos known as Kheyzaran.

Liqeh is a kind of silk yarn twisted firmly to control the amount of ink used in calligraphy.

Morakkab: Most of the works created in the Persian calligraphy are written in black, although the brown ink is also popular among some artists. Carbon black is the main pigment for making Morakkab with Arabic gum, alum and oak also used for increasing the viscosity of the ink.

Qat Zan: A pad for nib-finishing when the calligrapher sharpens the pen.


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