Minakari or vitreous enamel is a type of handicraft implemented on a piece of metal. We also call this art a mixture of fire and soil because we put the product in furnace after production.

Made in: Isfahan

Raw materials: zinc, silver, copper

Design variation: Eslimi, Khatayi, bird and flower

Background: 5 thousand years ago, therefore it is an old art

Craft master: Qolamhossein feizollahi, Hossein Honardoost, Mahdi Qaffarian, Mohamad Ali Farshid, Ebrahim Razghoobi

Production steps:
_ making different dishes by copper, zinc and silver
_ coloring the dishes by white glaze and fixing the color in 700 to 1000 centigrade
_ coloring and drawing designs with special colors
_ another color fixing in high temperature

Production period: 3 days