khatamkari or Inlaying is the art of garniture things similar to mosaic shapes with small triangles. The triangles are made of wood, metal and bones which if used meticulously and in smaller sizes, they could yield a more lasting and high grade artifact. The handicrafts are decorative and also can be practical.

Made in: Isfahan, Shiraz

Raw materials: different types of khatamkari or inlaying woods such as: alder, aspen, beech, walnut, jujube and orange, camel and horse bones, wood glue, metal wires (silver, gold, bronze, copper).

Design variation: vaulted design, seven red sun staff, two cloudy layers, seed container, cyan sun, red sun, silver sun, gold universe, hastate
Background: the art of inlaying has a longtime history, but the exact time is not specified

This art also has many famous craft masters and artists. So you can see some of them in our catalog.

Production steps:
_cutting woods and bones into specific size
_ polishing sticks as thin strips
_ designing and painting the pattern
_ gluing metal wires
_ designing the geometric sphere
_ gluing the four sides and tying a yarn around it
_ making shamseh and press the inlaying by the shape of lozenge
_ preparing a rectangle with the inlaying
_ gluing wood in both sides of rectangle
_ regular slices and making them into inlaying layers

Production period: 5 days