Turquoise inlaying is inlaying small parts of turquoise like mosaic on the dishes, jewels and decoration objects which is one of the most elegant persian artworks and handicrafts. In fact this art has decorative application. But you can also use them as dishes. This known as a combination of metal and stone.

Made in: North Khorasan, Isfahan

Raw materials: small pieces of turquoise, plates made of copper, brass, silver, nickel and bronze

Design variation:

Background: 60-70 years

Craft master: Yousef Hakimian, Haj Dadash Aghajani

Production steps:
_ manufacturing copper dishes
_ separating turquoise by size
_ inlaying turquoise
_ polishing the surface of dishes
_ fixing the color

Production period: 4 days

You can also find out more about turquoise inlaying in our collection of persian artworks and handicrafts here. So that you will get more familiar with this pure art.

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