Engraving is truly one of the most elegant handocrafts and also artworks in Iran. This art is valuable be it is so hard to make these artworks. Therefore this art needs professional craft masters. Although the most important material of this handicraft is copper but other metal like brass and gold can be used too. Therefore this elegant artwork are so valuable. This type of handicraft is mainly decorative. However it has practical application too. After all the value of this handicraft is according to the size and the motifs on the object.

Made in: Isfahan, Shiraz,

Raw materials: copper, gold, brass

Design variation: , Isfahan style

Background: 5-7 thousand years

Craft master: Mohamad Taghi Zoolfan, Bahram Eliyasi, Seyed Mohsen Ahmadi

Production steps:
_ lathering the dishes with tar and chalk
_ drawing figures
_ choosing stylus
_ making figures
_ separating tar
_ spraying charcoal pollen
_ covering with black polishing oil

Production period: 7-30 days

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