We suggest you to read our catalog to get familiar with our company and persian handicraft.

This is “Padidar Tarhe Khallagh” the owner of “Ara Honar” and the website “www.arahandmade.com”.

about our company and persian handicraft

We are here to bring out Iranian lifestyle from the corners of history. We want to present a modern sort of this ancient lifestyle to our compatriots.

This is the tack of “Arahonar”, Iranian rich art. Arahonar is a company which has explored elegances of Iranian art from past millenniums until now. So we have presented our products in beautiful and valuable packing. It is not in form of aggregated production and not in an industrial way, but by considering consistent hands of Iranian men and delicate hands of Iranian women.

In “Arahonar” rich art company you will find products made by steadfast artisan from Langarood in northern side of Iran to Qeshm in south, and from Saravan which is the easternmost city, to Haris in the westernmost part of Iran. We have gathered traditional and ancient Iranian products and packed them in exquisite packs which are proportionate to value of products.

This is our prophecy to spread Iranian lifestyle area. So we have a practical and applied point of view for packing these exquisite products. We want to develop Iranian civilization therefore we produce applied and consumable products in a luxury and decorative format. To be appeared and accepted.

Arahonar is proud because we are the biggest company which exports Iranian handicrafts and artworks to many countries around the world. We also have cooperations with Chinese companies and galleries. We are going to have better bussiness relations with China, Canada Turkey and other countries.

Visit our booths in big exhibitions and fairs in China to have better informations about us.


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